Project info

2 weeks preparation, 10 weeks production.
2 designers, 7 artists, 3 programmers.
Theme given:
Blue, Conspiracy
Co-operative Cartoony 3rd person shooter for PC


• Combine different energies to change the effect and power of your weapon.

• Play the campaign with a friend through network or internet.

• Deathmatch mode available with up to 8 players!


My second project at Playgroundsquad. This project started getting silly as soon as I was teamed up with my co-designer.
Our main focus in this game is the mech of the shooting. We designed a system where heat, cold, electromagnetism and kinetic energy was the "forces" you could use as you pleased.
Then by mixing heat and cold for example you would be able to shatter any kind of glass! (because that's what happens) This kind of thinking got us a bigger bite of design than we had time to chew.
(For a better explanation of the design, open the document below.)

We tried careful planning this time. But ultimately, we had to do a lot of crunching just to get the game working properly in time, having to cut out a lot of content, leveldesign and features.
A lot of fancy solutions, and a bunch of "aha-moments" occurred during this project, some of them mentioned in the document downloadable below.

Game designer, Producer, Scrum-master, QA-tester, Level designer

See the postmortem/dev commentary video here!