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Project info

2 weeks preparation, 5 weeks production.
1 designer, 5 artists, 2 programmers.
Violent 2.5D singleplayer action platformer for PC


• Shoot through the catacombs of a treachourus pyramid.

• Collect hidden treasures and upgrade your shotgun or health.

• Traps, mummies and an ancient angry god will get in your way.
Dakota James

My first project at Playgroundsquad.
We were given free hands and let loose in the game making process. No theme was given.
We voted as a group what type of game we were to make, a vauge idea of mine of a sidescrolling shooter seemed approved and appropriate
so I drawed some concepts while mixing a few influences I thought would result in a fun game. Prince of Persia, Black thorne, Indiana Jones and Duke Nukem.

My main focus in the project was getting finished in time, and for the result to be a playable game. But I had no frame of reference regarding what takes time and the importance of QA.

Project leader, Scrum master, game designer, concept artist, level designer, level mockup builder, and animator.