Project info

0 weeks preparation, 6 weeks production.
2 designers, 7 artists, 3 programmers.
Theme given:
Castle, Fantasy, Sci-fi
Cartoony tower defence for PC


• Defend your kings castle by building towers by the road!

• Call on special forces to help defending the castle!

• Get your hands dirty and help defeat the peasants!

• Enjoy the unique gameplay and the colorful graphics!
Tales of Towers

My Third Project at Playgroundsquad. This time we had no time for careful planning, estimating how long things would take to do was easier though, and knowing the teams capabilities better showed productive. We had a good scope.
The concept of tower defence was new for me to explore, since tower defence never been my personal favorite among game genres. But of course I was up for the challange. And I loved working on this project.

The unique concept and heart of this game is controlling a main character that is running around building the towers, and even jumping inside them, aiming for the attackers. It adds a challange besides just trying to balance your defence to hold them off.
There are two monetary systems, the gold and the gems. Gems are manually collected on the field, rather than automatically aquired like the gold. This adds a stressfull challange in the gameplay as well. The gold is used for building and the gems allows you to call on special help from the castle.
They basically work as a powerful last resort when the waves get too intense.
I was very pleased about the graphical style, and the gameplay that this project produced.

Game designer, Producer, Scrum-master, Level Designer, QA tester, 2D artist, Creative visual designer

Download the full game here!