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Project info

Spare time, approximately 4 weeks production.
1 designer
Theme given:
Castle, Fantasy, Sci-fi
Old school 2D puzzle platformer for PC


• Switch gravity to solve puzzles

• Deflect cannonballs with your shield!

• Enjoy the challange, the story and the decent graphics!
Gravity Shield

This was first just a prototype of one of my ideas for our third and last project at Playgroundsquad, but I really liked working on it so I continued polishing on this project after graduating.

Later I found out through a little research that the idéa of switching gravity in a 2D sidescroller had already been explored by many other game developers. However,
I continued to make levels until I felt I've scraped off enough of the challanges that could be found within this game mechanic.

Of course the mechanic of gravity switching up and down could easily be evolved into left and right as well, suddendly you'd have a lot more of a challenge in the game,
and far more level design possibilities would increase. I would have lots to explore in challanging the player.
But as mentioned earlier, the idéa isn't as unique as I first thought.

I made the whole thing except the sounds.

Download the full game here!