Project info

1 hour preparation, 47 hour production.
2 designers, 2 artists, 1 programmer.
Theme given:
Cartoony 2D Puzzle for PC


• Create a shadow on the wall to scare the monkey!

• Each scare is a more difficult puzzle than the last!

• Learn to see the difference between shapes and objects! Yay!

Scare the monkey

This was an entry for Global Game Jam 2010. We were given very little time in preparing and only 48 hours of developing the game. This was an event I would attend the next year as well, because I learned a lot that weekend.

The idea was essentially to place differently shaped objects close to each other so that the siluette of all the objects used would shape the monster from the book that the monkey currently is afraid of.
The lightning outside the monkeys room would produce the siluette when you turned the lights off, if you align the objects close enough to get the monkey scared, you beat the level.
The difficulty increases as more objects are used, and as the shadow of each objects can be different sizes (due to the location of the object relative to the light source.)

As "deception" was the theme we were given, we thought we hit the nail on the head, but I guess we didn't get noticed because we didn't succeed in making the game play or look well enough.

Project leader, game designer, level designer.